5'2'' JOB Pro - Five Fin (Sky Blue)

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Dimensionen: 5’2” x 20.0" x 3.0"
38 Liter


Designed by the undisputed “King of Softboards”, Jamie O’Brien, the JOB PRO’s are designed and built to take soft surfboard performance to new levels! Jamie’s new 5’2” Five-Fin rips in a wide variety of waves and features the ability to change up fin configurations for small wave shredding or packing mean shorebreak tubes on the bigger days!!!

NOTE: FINS included. Board can be ridden as both a Quad (x4 fins: front and rear side fins only) or Thruster (x3 fins: front fins and center rear fin only)!

Designed by Jamie O’Brien!
Central Concave and Deep Vee Out the Tail
Custom Bat Tail with Five Fin Option; Can be setup as Quad, Tri or Twin Fin!
Stiff Dual-Composite Core
Triple (x3) Maple-Ply Stringers
Durable HDPE Bottom with Bumper-Tail
Hi-Performance Removable Fin System with Fins and Leash Plug
Designed by Catch SurfÒ in San Clemente, California, USA