Canyon Catapult (Complete)

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The Canyon Catapult is a multifaceted board that provides a lowered, incredibly stable ride. Whether you’re pushing a long distance, trying out for our Downhill Division team on steep grades, or just freeriding through your favorite local spots, you can consistently count on this board to meet or exceed all your expectations.

Technische Angaben

Deck / Complete: Complete
Fahrstil: Freeride Commuter
Achsmontage: Drop Through
Dimensionen: Länge: 38" (96.52 cm)
Breite: 9.5" (24.13 cm)
Wheelbase: 29" (73.66 cm)
Konstruktion: 8 Ply Maple
Sharp rails for extra grip and control
Elliptical drop down drop thru
Symmetrical shape
Setup Complete: 10.0" Gullwing Reverse Trucks
64mm 78a Omega Wheels
Abec 5 Blaze Bearings
1.125" Truss Head Steel Bolts
ECG Grip Tape  with Sector 9 logo

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