Gauntlet (Complete)

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catégorie: Downhill Division


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The Gauntlet´s concave is based on the new Football Taco as well (listed above), and the shape comes from the older Natasha DH. The symmetrical shape of the Gauntlet lends itself to freeriding, though it is still fully capable as a race board. The gas pedal cuts on the shoulders of the board allow for extra traction and control as the rider can hang part of their foot over the rail. The Gauntlet comes with a 30.5” wheel base and is our only drop-through offering with the DHD line.
Détails technique

Deck / Complete: Complete
Type de ride: Downhill Freeride
Montage: Drop Through
Dimensions: Longueur: 40" (101.6 cm)
Largeur: 10" (25.4 cm)
Wheelbase: 30.5" (77.47 cm)
Construction: 4 Plies Triaxial Fiberglas
3 Plies .125 Maple
CNC Wheel Wells
Football Ta o Mold
Setup Complete: Charger II 10"
72mm Offset Race Formula Wheels 78a
Ceramic Bearings
Flush Mount Bolts