Odysea 7´0 Log Jamie O´Brian Pro - Thruster

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"The best soft surfboards ever! ? ? Jamie O?Brien Jamie has charged some of the gnarliest waves out there and believes his models are the ultimate shore-break boards; plus he can throw chunks, bust an air or tweak a turn when the waves aren?t deathly. Not only do the JOB models offer performance, but the signature graphic reeks of tropical bliss. For 2018, we added our Hi-Performance Fin System to the LOG for maximum shred! More is better when it comes to having fun and the LOG delivers! In true Odysea® form, the LOG has a classic look and feel with mega-float performance so you can shred with ease and style. So whether you're a stoked grom learning to surf or a seasoned vet looking to maximize wave count, the Odysea LOG is for you! The LOG is a legit board designed by real surfers in California. Enjoy!
Technische Angaben

Dimensionen: Länge: 0" (0 cm)
Breite: 0" (0 cm)
Wheelbase: 0" (0 cm)
Konstruktion: 7´0" x 22.0" x 3.125" (72 Liters)

Super-Fun for all skill levels!
Tons of Float and Easy Wave Catching.
Stiff Dual Composite Core. Triple Wood Stingers!
Durable HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail.
Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design.
High Performance Fin System with Removeable Fins.
Designed by Catch Surf in California, U.S.A.

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