Offset Double Cross (Complete)

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Description: While the overall aesthetic of the Double Cross has been updated this season, the foundation remains exactly the same, and we?re still committed to saying this board will bring a smile to your face! If you?re looking to carve, commute, or put on a cross-stepping-to-the-nose clinic, the Offset Double Cross is exactly what you?re looking for.

Technische Angaben

Fahrstil: Carving Commuter Dancing
Dimensionen: Länge: 41.75" (106.045 cm)
Breite: 9.25" (23.495 cm)
Wheelbase: 25" (63.5 cm)

7 Ply Maple
Nearly symmetrical shape
Double-kick dance board

Setup Complete: 10.0" Gullwing Charger
64MM 78A Nine Balls
ABEC 5 Greaseball
.25" Recycled Plastic
1.25" Hardened Steel Bolts
ERG Grip Tape with Sector 9 logo and graphic